Our Discipleship Pathway

Celebration– We gather together to celebrate Jesus through corporate worship each week. This is a time for us to pray and seek the face of God together. We sing songs of praise and worship to our God. The Word of God is preached, and we’re reminded of the Gospel and called to respond in faith. This is also a time where we take the Lord’s Supper and celebrate the baptism of new believers. We believe this is vital to the Christian life and it is commanded for believers in Christ (Hebrews 10:24-25). It is our desire that person at FBC would commit to weekly celebration through one of our worship services.

Community– When we look at the Word of God, it is apparent that we are not created to live our lives in isolation. God has designed us to live in community with one another. The word for church in the New Testament is the Ekklesia, which means a called out assembly. The church is not a building it is a body of believers in Jesus Christ. Each member is a part of the body, and in the new testament we see 59 one another commands. We are called to do things like love one another (John 13:34), Bear one another’s burdens (Gal 6:2), encourage one another (1 Thess 5:11), and forgive one another (Eph 4:32). This is why we offer intentional community groups where we attempt to live out the commands of scripture together and apply the Word of God to our daily lives. We have Sunday school groups as well as groups that meet together the week at home or at the church building. As you walk the pathway, we encourage you to become a part of a community group today!

Connection– The third step on the pathway is connection. We believe God has called us to not just be consumers but to be mature disciples of Jesus Christ that are making disciples of Jesus Christ (Matthew 28:16-20). A disciple of Jesus is an apprentice of Jesus. Author Jim Putman describes a disciple as someone who knows and follows Jesus, is being transformed by Jesus and is committed to the mission of Jesus of seeing people saved from their sins (ref: Matt 4:19). It is imperative that we have an intentional connection to the Word of God and to accountable relationships with one another. We call these relationships Discipleship Groups. These are gender based groups of 3-5 people that meet regularly for accountability with one another for around a year. They talk about what they’re studying in scripture, pray together, memorize verses and hold one another accountable to sharing their faith and living out the Gospel. At the end of the year, it is the hope that each group would multiply and the groups members would replicate the process with another group of believers.

Commission– The last step on the pathway is commission. We believe that God has commissioned us to go and make disciples (Matt 28:16-20, 2 Tim 2:2). We also believe that every believer is called to serve Jesus by using their talents and spiritual gifts for the building up of the body and the furthering of the Gospel. This is why we want to be intentional about serving our city and sharing the hope of Christ. We want to do this both individually and as a church body. To help accomplish this task, we strive to regularly equip our people by offering trainings on how to share your faith. Furthermore, we will look for specific ways that we as a church body can meet physical needs in our city and at the same time share the hope of Jesus. We believe God calls and equips common people to be used for His glory and to see the hope of Jesus spread throughout our city and the world.

This is not a one time pathway. It is a circle. We are all works in progress and we constantly need celebration, community, connection and commission until we all reach full maturity in Christ, which won’t happen until we get to heaven.





Wednesday Nights @ 6:30pm

Mission Friends (Missions Fun for 4’s-K)    

Children In Action (For 1st – 6th Grade)

Student Bible Study (For 7th – 12th Grade)  





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