Reaching the Quebecois People

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First Baptist Church has had a great history of taking the gospel to the nations.  Beginning in 2001 with a mission trip to Malawi, Africa, then two years later to Guatemala, and then to Ukraine to Tanzania and Indonesia, God has allowed FBC to literally take the gospel to the nations.

However, once our team returned from Indonesia, the pastoral staff felt a need to connect with a people group with whom we could proclaim the gospel. We desired to be in a continuing partnership with an unreached people group.

We were amazed at how God opened up the door so quickly for FBC.  In 2010, we took a mission trip to Montreal, Quebec Canada to learn about reaching the Quebecois peoples.  Who would have thought that God would take us to the most unreached people group in all of North America?  The Quebecois is a people group that encompasses all of the province of French speaking Quebec. With a rich heritage of a traditional works based religion, the Quebecois are a people in which less than 2% of the population is born again believers and followers of Jesus Christ.

In January 2011, First Baptist Church, Charlestown entered into a covenant partnership with Connexion Church, Montreal. During our partnership God has given us opportunities to go to Montreal nine times. We have had opportunities to work construction on the church building, lead a family camp, help at numerous Connexion family festivals, prayer walk, lead worship on Sunday mornings, love on the people at Connexion and develop lifelong friendships. Today, after three years of serving with the amazing believers of Connexion.  Over the past three years, God has allowed FBC to be a part of something awesome that He is doing in Montreal. God is using Connexion Church to proclaim the gospel and ultimately see lives transformed by the gospel.

If you would like to be a part of what God is doing in Montreal, please see any of your FBC pastors or call our offices at (812) 256-3421.

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