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Connections – Sunday School

On Sunday mornings at 9:30am your preschooler will have the opportunity to Connect to God’s Word through an awesome Bible study experience.  We provide a classes for  Babies – 23 months,  2’s-3’s (Toddlers Connections) and  4’s-Kindergarten (Preschool Praise Connection)

In our Connections classes kids learn about God’s Word & how to apply it to their lives.    At  the end, your kids are given valuable tools to take home where parents can continue the teaching at home

During Worship We Provide…

Extended Teaching Care for our Babies/1’s and  our Toddlers (2’s and 3’s) where your child will be cared for by our loving Guardian Trained Adults.

Your Preschooler (4’s-Kindergarten) will be involved in Preschool Praise.  During Preschool Praise, the lesson your child learned in Connections will be reinforced through our curriculum filled with songs, prayers, crafts, a Bible lesson, games and more!

Every Sunday before Preschool Praise, your preschooler (4’s-Kindergarten) comes in the Sanctuary for a time to worship with their parents.  This is a great time for our kids to pray, sing and greet others during Celebration Worship right alongside their parents!  A great tool we provide to help add to this experience is our Family Worship Time Guides.  You can access them here on this website under Family Resources


Mission Friends

Every Wednesday night from 6:25-7:35pm, your preschooler (3’s – Kindergarten) will take a journey of a lifetime…a journey to lay the foundation of learning about missions.  Each week your preschooler will learn about missions through a fun creative lesson, crafts, games and more.  Your preschooler is given tools to take home so that parents can continue to reinforce and train up their child in the area of missions.

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