Journey Family Ministries

The Vision Of Our FBC Journey Family Ministries

FBC is a Family Equipping Church that coordinates all we do to connect church and home as CO-CHAMPIONS in the disciple making process.  At FBC, we believe that parents are to help create a lifelong legacy of faith in their children.  While we do know that each child will make a personal decision to follow Christ, we believe that the family is the foundation to help begin that process and then help strengthen it after the child has become a Christian.




“It Starts at Home” Parenting Kids/Teens Bible Study

Coming up on Wednesday, April 19th at 6:30 is a 3+ week parenting small group for parents of kids and teens. The small group studies will be a Parenting Children (birth-5th grade) and a Parenting Teens (middle school and high school). This study will be a time for parents in similar life situations to come together, pray with one another, share joys/struggles, and walk through scripture. This study will provide some practical ways to equip parents to be the spiritual leaders of their children’s lives. This will also be a time for older adults to take part in giving wisdom and advice, and pour into the parents in these small groups. Childcare will be offered as well as RA’s/GA’s for grade school kids, and youth worship for teens. Sign up now in the Connection Center at First Baptist!




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